Unveiling World’s Largest Edible Cake Dress – A Sweet Masterpiece

world's largest wearable cake dress

A recent event at a Swiss expo left attendees in awe as a stunning bride stepped onto the stage wearing the world’s largest wearable cake dress. This unique and delicious creation was the result of the hard work and creativity of a team of talented pastry chefs and bakers who came together to make this world record-breaking dress.

The dress was made from a variety of cake flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet, and was adorned with a range of edible embellishments. From the intricate lace-like designs to the delicate edible flowers, every aspect of the dress was carefully crafted to create a stunning and delicious work of art.

YouTube Video by Guinness World Record

The bride who wore the dress was the perfect model for this creation. Her grace and poise as she strutted down the runway in the dress was a testament to the beauty and comfort of this incredible creation. Attendees of the expo were quick to take photos and admire the dress, which was a hit with everyone who saw it.

Swiss expo World's Largest Wearable Cake Dress
Wearable cake dress by Guinness World Record

A few years ago, I was in the middle of my work as a cake designer, in my then tiny “shop”, at the back of my mini studio and busy decorating a wedding cake, I had a crazy idea: How great would it be if a whole wedding dress was made of cake…?

A few days later, my youngest daughter Elli was already the model for the first attempt [and] the most difficult part: how is it possible to construct the part of the dress that has to be worn on the skin in such a way that it holds up…? It wasn’t perfect, but perfect for the first time. The attempt was a challenge to myself and it’s nice to have it officially confirmed.

Natasha Coline Kim Fah Lee Fokas, Founder of SweetyCakes
Cake Dress
Photo by Guinness World Record

The wearable cake dress is made up of over 20 layers of sponge cake and frosting, and it stands as a testament to the creativity and skill of its creator. The dress was designed to be both visually stunning and edible, making it a unique and memorable addition to any celebration or event.

Not only does the wearable cake dress set a new record for the largest of its kind, but it also serves as a celebration of the art and craft of baking. From the intricate details of the frosting to the delicate layers of sponge cake, the dress is a true work of art.

This unique creation is sure to inspire others in the industry and bring a smile to the faces of those who see it. The world’s largest wearable cake dress is a sweet and memorable reminder of the power of creativity and the beauty of banking.